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Test Report on 3D Smartphone F33 - provided by Jsdigitech
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Is glasses free 3D the next big thing on Smartphone?

Test Report on 3D Smartphone F33

provided by Jsdigitech

IT-News on Feb. 28, 2018


Lots of folks are finding renewed interest in 3D. Your beautiful smartphones are completely contributing to this! Mr. Harry Alpert, Hollywood 3D cinematographer/film maker, said to Mr. Zhou Fenghua, the managing director from Jsdigitech (

Smartphone is not a just smartphone any more. Consumers are seeking more functions on their handhold devices as a camera (or 3D camera), computer as well as daily entertainment handhold theater for music and 3D movies. Some of the manufacturers are quite successful by specializing in smartphone features in order to stick to a certain group of customers, e.g. Vivo emphasizes its music effect, while OPPO emphasizes its photo effect etc. These two brand names reach the top supplier list in the world market because they successfully cater the young peoples taste who love music and photo. This is called OV phenomena in the marketing strategy. Then what else you can specialize your smartphone supply in order to catch up a certain customer group? 3D entertainment?

We have tested many 3D smartphones, until today we got the sample F33 tested, provided by Jsdigitech, we come to the conclusion that the 3D time comes back.



The 3D smartphone applies a 3D lenticular on the screen, so that to reflect the left image and right image relatively to the viewers left eye and right eye, while the human brain will imitate the real nature views from both eyes to join the 2 images into 3D images. Why some people will feel un-comfortable or even headache in watching 3D movies or images? Technically this is because of ghost image. Ghost image means someway that left eye sees some afterimage of right image or/and right eye sees of left image, then it causes confusion in the brain, in resulting of headache. While, how to eliminate or prevent from such kind of headache to the viewers? This is a big issue to the manufacturers.

On the testing of F33, we did not feel any headache or uncomfortable in watching local 3D or online 3D display in the phone. In contrary, the 3D images or videos are in such a clarity, sharpness, clearance, depth etc, just fantastic, feeling that not in watching a screen but a seeing through window of the real nature.

Through the technical expert from Jsdigitech, knowing that on the F33, it applies new 3D materials as well as new structure layout on the 3D screen, which eliminates completely the ghost image. With this 3D smartphone F33, we can say this is a handhold 3D cinema without glasses, consumers can enjoy numerous 3D movies and contents anytime and anywhere.


It is so called 3D smartphone with single camera lens, we were wondering how it creates 3D photos and 3D videos?

By testing the sample, we found out how it is unique of this F33. It creates 3D photos and videos by a very unique software to convert the 2D photos and videos from the single lens into 3D, 3D effect is just acceptable. There are quite a lot of fun in shooting 3D videos seems as a professional cinematographer shooting a mini film. While to create high quality 3D photos or 3D videos from non-professionals, it will need little technical experience as well as practice. What it surprises the testers is that on the smartphone screen, the 3D photos and videos are displayed in real time 3D on the screen, so the 3D effect is monitored instantly without replay.

While the question comes that what you will do with your 3D photos or videos? Only watching by yourself? Is it possible to share your 3D photos or videos? The answer is YES! Thanks to Youtube and many other web platforms, they are giving good opportunity to 3D, by providing 3D community to allow people to upload and share their 3D photos and videos. On the F33, it plays any 3D video from any website, by simply touch a button to convert into 3D display instantly. It is amazing, we can enjoy 3D display as a whole!


There are quite a lot of web 3D content platforms providing online 3D movie, 3D photo and video, 3D entertainment, online 3D game etc. It is totally amazing experience in watching a 3D movie on smartphone without any of time and place limitations, especially when you are travelling, on board, feeling boring but do not want to go to a cinema. Then you can enjoy your 3D smartphone as free of charge IMAX movie theater at hand! The available web 3D content providers,,,,, provide tens of thousands 3D movies and TV episodes on the platforms available for customers selection. Some of them are free of charge, some for members only. With good speed WIFI, the movies and contents replay in high resolution and wonderful 3D. You would not like to watch 2D any more once you have the 3D. Those contents are not only for 3D smartphone, but also for 3D smart TV.

Now it is a new era of smart time, glasses free 3D smart TV ( is available with WIFI and Android system, and it can easily reach web contents.

Rich VR contents are also available on those platforms, while watching VR content on the 3D smartphone, do you still want a buckle of a helmet?


This F33 3D smartphone, uses MTK6750T, octa-core processor, OS Android 7.0, 4GB+64GB, with ext. 128GB, dual 4G SIM FDD and TDD LTE with double standby, front camera 16MP, rear 13MP, with flash. GPU ARM Mali T860MP2. Bluethooth 4.0. The hardware configuration is just update of the date, with good features and working smoothly.

It applies FHD screen resolution at 1920*1080 5.5 full lamination LED. There is a 3D foil applied on the screen at a new structure and process to assure the ever best clarity and comfortable 3D display. Except the glasses free 3D, another brilliant point on the smartphone is the music power amplifier equipped, it delivers unbelievable beautiful sound.


The 3D smartphone F33 equips a powerful battery of 4050mAh, with latest energy saving technology. It supports talking time over 13hrs and video display 8 hrs, and standby more than 300hrs. Fast charger of 5V-2.0A, full charge 100% takes about 2.5hrs.


3D is a highlight entertainment function to a smartphone. It is going to be a must as more and more time we spend with smartphone. 3D entertainment, 3D photo and video sharing, will be very important to our 3D community and world.

3D smartphone is worthy your try.

Our world is in 3D, so should be our display.


Jsdigitech is a technology company based in Shanghai, specialized in glasses free 3D display and solution since 2009. 3D smartphone, 3D tablet, 3D screen/monitor/digital signage are available for OEM, ODM buyers or dealers and private label customers. More information at:

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