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Glasses-Free 3D is a Big Thing for Smartphones, TVs, Tablets and Digital Signage
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Glasses-Free 3D is a Big Thing for Smartphones, TVs, Tablets and Digital Signage

By Debesh Choudhury, Ph.D.

Adamas University -The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo

Professor, Electronics- Researcher & Visual Informatics, 3D Imaging, DSP, Linux Trainer, Musician, Unfluencer

Google's Glass, Microsoft's HoloLens, Facebook's Oculus VR are making news. Visual interfaces are the top priority projects of the tech titans. Why? Because 3D visuals attract everybody. If the 3D image can be viewed without any gadget, that means the display is a glasses-free 3D, then it becomes more attractive.

Glasses-free 3D display is better because one can see the 3D image without wearing any glass or head-mounted gadget. It is going to be a big thing for the smartphones, TVs, tablets and digital signage.

3D displays can take visual experience to greater height.

Being a researcher of 3D imaging, I am curious about 3D displays. Most of the 3D displays require special viewing glasses. Glasses-free 3D displays don't require any viewing glass. They work on the principle of autostereoscopy.

3D displays can empower smartphones, TVs and advertisement displays.

3D displays have already been introduced in some mobile phones. Who are the major players in the 3D mobile arena? Sharp, Samsung, Motrola made early entries. There are many 3D mobile phones in the market now. If you Google and you will get a large number. I find one such 3D smartphone manufactured by JS Digitech, which is a specialist company for glasses-free 3D displays.

Glasses free 3D displays are the best fit for smartphones, Tablets, TVs and digital signage.

JS Digitech manufactures 3D displays base on a proprietary lenticular screen 3D technology that does not require any eye glass to view the 3D display. They have 3D smartphones, tablets, large sized 3D TVs and digital signage.

Autostereoscopic 3D displays don't require glasses to view.

The technical specifications of JS Digitech phones are pretty good. Their 4G phones have 64 bit Cortex processor and Android5.1 OS. Moreover, it is having the glasses-free 3D display. As per the specifications, one can view 3D movies. One can also capture video and render it into 3D viewable format. It has got all the sensors, such as light sensor, gravity sensor, proximity sensor, and gyro.

How can the glasses-free 3D displays enrich our visual and mobile experience?

Glasses-free 3D displays can render a real world like visual experience. It is definitely an enrichment. Will it also augment the smartphone functionality? We can't comment unless we test it. We need to see the devices in our own hands to check the functionality and performance.

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