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Glasses-Free 3D is a Visual Treat for Our Eyes
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Glasses-Free 3D is a Visual Treat for Our Eyes

By Debesh Choudhury, Ph.D.

Adamas University -The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo

Professor, Electronics- Researcher & Visual Informatics, 3D Imaging, DSP, Linux Trainer, Musician, Unfluencer

Normal displays can display only a 2D view, but the real world is in 3D

Electronic digital displays have become parts of our daily life. Be it in TV, mobile phone or computer monitor, the electronic displays are very common. Normal electronic displays are able to display only a 2D view. But our real world is 3D. Can an electronic display render 3D perspectives of an object or scene? It is indeed possible to see a 3D view in several ways.

Using polarizing 3D glasses is a way that can render a stereoscopic 3D

You might have seen 3D movies in the theaters wearing 3D polarizing glasses. What is bad in 3D polarizing glasses? Wearing 3D glasses can cause fatigue and obstruct natural viewing. That can't be good for watching 3D TVs because it obstructs our views. Will you want to watch a TV wearing special 3D polarizing glasses?

Glasses-free 3D is an auto-stereoscopic display technology that doesn't require any viewing gadget

Glasses-free 3D is a next big thing in display technology. It does not require any glass or a special eye wear. An ultra fine lenticular screen attached on the display generates the required left and right views for our two eyes. The observed scene produces an auto-stereoscopic 3D perception in our brain. This is a wonderful 3D experience one shouldn't miss.

Images seem to pop out of the screen in glasses-free 3D displays!

On June 1, 2017, I visited JS Digitech's office in Shanghai. I was not sure what type of 3D experience was waiting for me. As I entered the office, I encountered big TV display screens on the walls. I was introduced to Mr. Zhou (Joe) Fenghua, the Managing Director of JS Digitech. Mr. Fenghua showed the screens and explained the functionalities.

[Snap from a 3D video sample: In this sample video, I was stunned to notice that the ring seems popping out of the screen in front of my eyes]

I saw glasses-free 3D displays for the first time in my life. Earlier I had seen 3D movies with polarized 3D glasses. The glasses-free 3D is quite different. It is an auto-stereoscopic display that produces the stereo image pair for left and right eyes simultaneously. You see the 3D image as you see in a natural scene. Isn't it wonderful?

[Demonstration video of JS Digitech's glasses-free 3D display]

JS Digitech's glasses-free 3D display renders stunning 3D image that can impress anybody

I haven't seen any other glasses-free or glassesless 3D display before. So I can't compare JS Digitech with others. My LinkedIn connection Hary Alpert, who is an expert in digital 3D content and stereography, saysI've seen the JS Digitech 3D smartphones. The 3D images are absolutely stunning! The finest I've seen! Much better than polarized or active shutter glasses screens. Highly recommended!

Will you try JS Digitech's glasses-free 3D displays in smartphones, Tabs and TV screens?

[Another sample of auto-stereoscopic glasses-free 3D display from JS Digitech]

JS Digitech has a large list of products in glasses-free 3D displays. They have smartphones, tablets and 3D monitors for TVs and advertisement displays. I am using one of their 3D smartphones.

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