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Hasbro Demo Show in UK
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Hasbro is the famous toy company of America. He has been concentrated on developing new products. At the same time, Hasbro also attaches great importance to the products promotion. He has been looking for advertising media to promote their toys until he found our glasses free 3D display.
The demo show was held on Nov 9, 2015, in UK. At that time, Hasbro has a pistol toy. We made the toy into 3D video, and played on our 3D advertising player. In the demo show, all the visitors are attracted by the 3D video and sharp 3D effect. They just couldn't believe for what they have seen of the world best glasses free 3D display, the 3D pop out images were so sharp and clear. Many people pay a lot of attentions to the toys and glasses free 3D technology.
Pistols toy has attracted the attention of people successfully. Our 3D advertising player also was rated as the world best 3D quality display.
The future of visual advertisement is today.

The attached file is the video we made for Hasbro pistol toy.

P/s: You will see how much amazing it is, if you would play it on the glasses free device, smartphone or tablet.

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