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Feedback of ProMa King Tablet from indiegogo campaign
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By Peter S. from Canada

1: Delivery Time

I was expecting the tablet by late Jan-22 and it arrived on Dec 15. I contributed for the tablet on Indiegogo on Nov 9-21 while the campaign was still active so actual delivery on Dec 15 was very quick…………Excellent Delivery.

2: Packaging

The outside shipping box was very sturdy and the actual tablet box was packed with very strong bubble wrap. There was some documentation in the box with a brief User Manual along with the data/charging cable and AC adapter. The tablet box was form fitted for the tablet and is good to store it in when not in use………..Excellent Packaging

3: The cosmetic look of the tablet

The tablet has a white border with clean lines and a narrow border around the screen. It has a full size keyboard for easy use. The tablet pops into the keyboard case securely and the cover is robust and protects the screen well. It is a stylish design and has rounded corners. The color is a pleasant dark gray. The cover has another feature I like.

It is a plain solid colour with no advertising, logos, dealer stickers or other nonsense on it. You could pretend that it is just a thin hard covered book if you wanted. This is important because it doesn’t shout out to a thief “ Steal this laptop!”………..Excellent Cosmetics

4: The tablet itself

As I turned it on it was 73% charged so that I could play with it right away. I appreciated that. I loaded my Wi-Fi and connected. I then opened one of the movies that were available on the library.

The movie came up in 3D and I had a look for about 10 seconds before saying……….Wow! The quality of the screen is fantastic. I can’t see any pixilation, blur, jitter or anything else other than a rock solid 3D effect. You do have to find the sweet spot but it is easy to find. Even enlarging the images on the screen there was no image degradation.

After some looking for how to do it, I was able to load 2 of my own still images as mpo. Both were 2D to 3D conversion of a vintage black and white image and the other was a colour sports image. Both images looked fabulous. I had both images on my Flight Commander Freevi tablet as well. I put the Flight Commander 2 images side by side with the King Pro Ma tablet and the quality was close but I would say that the King tablet was slightly better. The King Pro Ma tablet has far more features and flexibility that the Flight Commander so it is clearly better.

A 2D image looks great as well and it could be used as a normal laptop without 3D.

I took a few pictures with the camera. I took a picture of very fine text on a booklet that I had trouble reading with my own eyes. The camera auto focused on the text. I set the timer to 3 sec to avoid camera shake and took a picture. When I looked at the picture and enlarged it, the text was crystal clear and totally in focus.

The camera quality was so good that I would like to use it as a copy camera. I like to take high quality pictures of old stereoview cards if I can’t scan them. The tablet’s camera would be better than other camera that I have used for that purpose. The camera’s good quality is a pleasant surprise………….Excellent Quality of Screen and has many apps and features

5: Intangibles

Communication with the tablet people has been very good. They are fast and responsive to questions and information. All representations about the tablet have been accurate from my short experience with it.

6: Conclusion

These comments are just after a short time of using the tablet. I have not really started exploring all the things that the King Pro Ma tablet can do. In fact I don’t even ever use or even understand most of the things that the tablet is capable of. I’ll get my computer and social media friend to come over and help me out.

No matter what the tablet can or can’t do with other functions the screen quality is spectacular.

So far I’m very happy with it.

Peter S. from Canada

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