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Will the latest glasses free 3D tablet arouse again people's enthusiasm for 3D?
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Test Report on ProMa 3D Tablet

When will the 3D era be revived?

This question is quite straight forward, as most of the 3D professionals know for years that the 3D birth and die, re-birth and re-die. Some people or so-called 3D experts even give death sentence to the glasses free 3D display, saying that nobody can make good enough 3D without glasses.

“To be honest, in France the market is very slow at this moment, because our cinema in 3D was poor quality and customers was bored with glasses. But there are some people like me, a big fan base, who love stereo-graphic content more than anything. Hope that there are excellent 3D products on the market” Said Mr. Kevin Dubertrand, a filmmaker/video specialist/stereographer.

There are quite many 3D enthusiasts in the world, they love 3D content. But they don't like putting glasses on and watching 3D as it's the dimness of the light and make viewing experience very poor. They still keep looking for mind-blowing 3D products.

Until now, the ProMa glasses free 3D tablet came into being. A friend of mine introduced this tablet to me; he is also a 3D enthusiasts. It seems to change the game.

How about the performance of this ProMa 3D tablet?

Screen resolution at 2560x1600, this is the best resolution available on the market at its size. While talking about 3D display, it divides the screen display into two, so resolution for each eye is 1280x1600. That is the ever highest 3D resolution till today.

Battery at 7000mAh, charging time less than 2 hours to full and play time about 4.5 hours, it’s good enough for 2 movies. The front and rear HD cameras are 13mp and 5mp respectively. It is with Mediatek chipset, MTK6797, 64-bit 10-core processor and memory 4GB + 128GB, extensional of 256G. With 5V/2A TYPE-C charger and Android 10.0, it also supports Dual SIM card 4G which allows you to enjoy online services and have a phone call where you have no WIFI. The hardware is not that high level, but it does not over shadow the beauty of glasses free 3D display as every 3D enthusiast wants.

Body design and finishing, from below display pictures, we can see that its workmanship is indeed fine and the entire tablet looks neat and tidy. The inlay metal line on the edge makes this tablet very beautiful and elegant. Thickness 8.5mm is quite thin as a 3D pad. The camera lens is quite bugle out of the naked body, but it is perfect when you put on a keyboard supporter or back protector. Color is available with champagne or black.

Above we briefly introduced the performance of ProMa 3D tablet, these performances are possessed by all ordinary tablets, but the biggest feature of this tablet is the glasses free 3D function, which, for its target group market mostly care about and keen to know.

How is the 3D experience?

The matters to every 3D enthusiast are not just the 3D resolution, but more importantly the 3D experience, 3D display quality, and watching angle. In watching 3D movie clips from the local file in the tablet, we stop the movie, at a picture has fore-ground, middle and far ground, specially with objects at far end of left and right, so that you can see objects at any corner of the screen. Then look at the picture carefully, you will find an angle, easily, where you can see the objects sharp and clear with no double images, or we call it no ghost images, no crosstalk. That is the perfect 3D display we are looking for. ProMa is the one, with ghost image zero, crosstalk zero. Watching distance 35 - 55cm, covers most of the viewers eyes condition. Sweetspot 3 - 5cm at best watching distance is quite good, easily catching on watching angle.

The 3D effect is almost same or even better than in cinema, with better brightness, not dim light. How does it achieve this effect? I watched a lot of 3D movies and 3D videos by this tablet, the 3D effect is marvelous and the 3D images are very sharp and clear with no discomfort. Sometimes I am a little addicted to watching 3D videos/movies with this tablet.

Below image is a screenshot playing 3D movie Angry Bird.

What are special in ProMa 3D tablet in reaching out such 3D image quality?

Any customer experience breakthrough must be based on some or serial technology breakthroughs. In ProMa 3D tablet, there are several new technologies applied as i know, e.g. instead of film, the lenticular technology based on glass; with special coating on the glass to reduce light reflection into none, new structure lamination etc.

How to enjoy 3D with ProMa glasses-free 3D tablet?

For years, mass 3D enthusiasts have been looking for a better way, easier way to enjoy 3D movies, 3D photos etc. Until now, ProMa offers the full solution to enjoy 3D movies/photos from local file, online platform, streaming service as well.

1. From Local file

There are quite many websites where you can download 3D movies. The player will find the file and extract in the play list. When playing the movie, you need to select 2D or 3D L/R (left and right) or U/D (up and down).

For 3D photographers, load the 3D photos into the tablet, click the 3D player, find the 3D photo folder, and click the image to play. There are also formats to select as 2D, L/R or U/D.

2. Watching 3D movie from integrated 3D movie platform

There is an integrated 3D movie platform pre-installed in this tablet for users to play without download.

3. Watching streaming 3D videos or 3D photos

There are plenty of streaming services available on the internet, some of them are with 3D contents. In ProMa 3D tablet, there is a new feature of smart 2D/3D switching button, which is to turn the streaming 3D video or photo into glasses free 3D. Amazing!

How to use this button?

1) Open 3DFV app, press button 3D Service Setting(on), on as following photo.

2) Open an online 3D video in full screen, the 3D button is activated and hidden in the middle of left edge. Press this button, it shows the display format selections. Then choose the appropriated 3D format, it shows correctly in 3D. Press again the button to return to 2D.

We are keen to look for an easy and comfortable way to enjoy 3D posts on Youtube and Facebook, without glasses, without crosseyes. PraMa glasses free 3D tablet is changing the game.

We see our world in 3D. We want to see display in 3D. As a 3D enthusiast, ProMa glasses free 3D tablet, is the right one we are looking for.

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