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How to watch 3D videos with online streaming?
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On the ProMa glasses free 3D tablet 10.8’’, there is a special function to watch 3D videos with online streaming, no need to wear 3D galssess and no need to download 3D videos from 3D website. We can enjoy 3D videos anywhere anytime with online streaming. Please refer to following steps of how to play online 3D videos:

1. Open 3DFV 3D Service Setting on as following photo.

2. Online smart 2D/3D switching button

Play online 3D videos e.g. YouTube, in full screen, there will be a button hidden in the middle of left edge, press that button, to show smart 2D/3D selection; select the video format as NORMAL(2D) button or 3D HALF or 3D FULL or 3D TOP-BUTTOM according to 3D format of the video.

To exit from the 3D mode, press the button hidden on the middle of left edge to back normal 2D mode.


1. Online 3D video resolutions vary greatly, some of them are not in good quality.

2. Online 3D video disparity varies widely, some of them are not in good 3D features which may cause ghost images. Such ghost images have nothing to do with any of hardware or software quality of the tablet.

3. Select the only good quality online 3D videos to watch.

4. The smart 2D/3D switching button is designed to work with YouTube app, but not every other app's. If you want to watch 3D contents from any other website, e.g. etc, log in with broswer Chrome, the smart 2D/3D switching button will be available.

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