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What Bob's 2nd Law says?
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What Bob's 2nd Law says?

"Everything that increases visual bandwidth wins in the end".

3D provides much more information than 2D, so it must win the battle, as Bob's 2nd law says! While, people never like to be restricted, unless it is a must! We love 3D, we love depth, we love the way of seeing through the window, i/o of paper drawing. But we do not like glasses, or head gears.

Glasses free 3D is more in a favourabel side, but it still depends on the LED technology as well as algorithm that to provide comfortable view images.

At a small screen display, glasses free tablet and even a monitor have been so good, that provide unbelieveable 3D experience. 3D time came already.

Have a look about the latest glasses free 3D tablet:

What it said on DisplayDaily about 3D?

3D is back on the menu,

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