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What the real good glasses free 3D tablet should be?
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By: Zhou Fenghua

Many people say that glasses free 3D is back. Some others say, 2021 is a big year to glasses free 3D.

Yes, not only new 3D smartphones come up, but also tablets and monitors. Sony just launched Spatial Reality monitor 15.6@4K and Leia launched glasses free 3D tablet, called Lume pad light field. No matter what you call it, it is glasses free 3D display. We love 3D because we want depth in the screen display, like what we see the nature with your eyes.

Glasses free 3D display is up and down for so many years, it refuses to die, because some people insist that it can be good or even perfect.

Today, we would like to talk about a new glasses free 3D tablet: ProMa 10.75@2560x1600, PPI281. 3D display side by side, so the 3D image resolution reaches up to 1280x1600 for each eye.

How does it look like?

3D technology

Light field or Lenticular or ProMa Lenticular?

Light field is to have a camera matrix of 360 degrees, then to take photos from every angle to show the images from each angle. But to display depth on a screen, we still need left and right image with disparity so that to simulate the real view of our eyes, then our brain will create 3D image with depth. Light field screen divides the screen in four parts, so that the image resolution is 1/4 of the screen or we better call it 4 views.

Lenticular lens is to reflect left and right images by the lens curve, the watch angle is quite critical and small. Otherwise, you see ghost image or crosstalks. Lenticular technology came out because the traditional parallel barrier blocks light and dramatically reduce the screen brightness. The same effect is in the cinema wearing on 3D glasses. Parallel barrier outputs perfect 3D, but it is too dark.

ProMa lenticular actually is a parallel barrier based on glass with special coating to compensate the light reduction. The glasses base lenticular increases the thickness and weight of the tablet, but it does output the cutting edge 3D images. That is why the ProMa 3D tablet reaches out outstanding sharpness and crystal clear 3D images, without lose of brightness.

What is the result?

Have a look at the screenshot of the 3D image first:

Screen resolution at 2560x1600, while 3D display divides as left and right, so resolution for each eye is 1280x1600. That is fantastic. This ProMa tablet is so far the ever highest level of todays glasses free 3D in terms of image quality and resolution. It is for one person to watch, but with good tolerance in watching angle. Sweet spot is up to 30 - 1250px, that is good enough for different people how have different sight conditions. At a distance of 1000px, there is scale of about 75px within the watching angle.

I have to say the 3D effect is just amazing, the 3D images are sharp and clear. Totally no ghost image, no double images, no discomfort. At such a 3D image quality, people will love 3D, and enjoy more 3D movies.

There are 3 ways to enjoy 3D movies. The integrated 3D player is to play local files of side by side 3D, up and down as well. There are quite many websites where you can download 3D movies. The player will find the file and extract in the play list. Once you play the movie, you will select 2D or 3D format as R/L (right and left) or U/D (up and down).Another way to watch a 3D movie is from the integrated 3D movie platform. There are quite many 3D films available and renewing from time to time. The 3rd way is from any other online streaming services. Where ever you play a full screen video, there would be a floating button comes up to show 2D/3D. If it is a side by side 3D, then press the button, image would be switched to 3D display.


It is not a top level in hardware configuration, but OK. This tablet is with Mediatek chipset, MTK6797, 10 core and memory 4GB + 128GB, extensional of 256G. A FHD 3D movie normal file size is about 10Gb, that you can store a few 3D movies with no problem. Battery at 7000mAh, charging time 2 hours to full and play time about 4.5 hours, good enough for 2 movies. Camera 5MP+13MP, Type C, with 3.5mm Apple headphone jack. Audio output is OK.

It is equipped with dual SIM slot 4G, which provides an opportunity that you still enjoy streaming service or have a phone call where you have no WIFI.

Design and Finishing

I love the design of this tablet, it looks neat and nice. Specially i like the inlay metal line on the edge, it looks beautiful and elegant. Thickness 8.5mm is quite thin as a 3D pad. Color available with champagne or black.

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