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How does customer comment on the glasses free 3D monitor 28'' with eye tracking?
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By: Zhou Fenghua

Seeing is believing!

Customer Review & Comment:

If you want to enjoy 3D movie at home, if you want to enjoy 3D VR content in an open space, if you want to enjoy 3D streaming from internet, if you want to preview your 3D works instantly without leaving your seat even without standing up......

All of these must be with no 3D glasses, but with naked eyes......

Think to own a ProMa glasses free 3D monitor 28, 4K, with eye tracking.

How is it?

Look at the customer comment and feedback:

Glasses free 3D display has never reached such high level as today. It swipes away all of your former impressions or feelings till yesterday about it.

Try it, it worth you to own one.

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