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What is the latest status of glasses free 3D monitor?
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Part 1, 3D monitor for entertainment

By: Zhou Fenghua

There are quite many people who are crazy for 3D entertainment, like me, specially no resistant to the 3D animation films, for their creativity and romance. It is from nature but more than nature. The COVID 19 pandemic since last year changed us a lot, from the movie industry to our daily life and behavior. In a very long period of time, probably much longer than what we thought, we would have to get used to enjoy 3D movies or VR contents in a private way, in order to prevent from the possible infection.

While VR goggle is an option, it is truly immersive, and many people enjoy it. But if there is one thousand people, there must be one thousand tastes. Wearing a goggle being isolated from the environment is hateful and unsafe. It is similar to the problem of watching a 3D movie by wearing glasses.

Glasses free 3D display has been hot since many years. Many of glasses free 3D monitors, smartphones, and tablets came out to the market, some were from giant players like Sharp, HTC etc. But none of them is successful till now because of the problems existed on the devices, e.g. low resolution screen, pixel pitch, ghost image, crosstalk etc. Those problems cause tiredness and uncomfort to the viewers. So people love it, but cannot stand for it. Most of the companies who involved in glasses free 3D display had given it up then.

Some people are really nuts and crazy, continually insisting in solving the problems, desiring to provide glasses free devices without any defect or uncomfort for long time watching. They believe that any problem on the technology development is for to be solved, not for to block the way of development.

3D display is to imitate the way of our eyes watching the real world. Since of the perspective disparity of our left and right eyes, the images come to the brain from left and right eyes are slightly different. Through sophisticated algorithm from the perspective disparity, our brain shows the real world of three dimensions, so we see the depth and distance. 3D display with glasses is to show both images for left and right eye on the screen, then use glasses to filter out the other. If we do not want to wear glasses, we would have to send the screen images separately for the left or right eye, not mix them. If the left eye sees the right image or vice versa, instead a pure 3D image, we will see double images. We call this ghost image or crosstalk, this is the reason which causes tiredness, uncomfort, or even headache.

Until now, new year of 2021, we have been waiting till today, as I said to somebody that the first time, I desired to watch a whole movie on my new glasses free 3D smartphone and tablet. I enjoyed 3D movie on bus, on taxi, on airplane, had no tiresome, no headache, even I cannot stop watching, I do not know why, maybe this is the difference from 3D to 2D movies.

3D smartphone and tablet are small screen and portable, easily to enjoy 3D content at anywhere and anytime. But to have 3D cinema effect and experience, we prefer to have a desk top monitor, at higher resolution, pure and perfect 3D, no ghost images, no crosstalk, no headache, no tiresome...

Dream comes true, with ProMa glasses free 3D monitor 28, native resolution at 4K, 3840x2160, with eye tracking system! It is perfect for a 3D home theater.

How it works?

I was told, this monitor is designed for 3D professionals or enthusiasts to play SBS 3D content or 3D movie, VR contents. Of course, if a 3D animator or 3D designer wants to preview the 3D effect of his designs instantly, he can use this monitor as a 2ndery monitor with installation of a software app which turns his designs/models into 3D side by side and display on the monitor as glasses free 3D. So just with slightly turn of his body, he can preview his designs from scratch in real 3D without wearing glasses. Amazing!

The input file is side by side 3D from computer via HDMI. There are hot keys CTRL+ALT+M from the keyboard to switch the side by side image into glasses free 3D on the monitor. 3D imaging manipulation system is done by FPGA on the monitor, the eye tracking drivers must be installed in the computer, so there is a latency generated at about 33 or 34ms.

How is it?

The key question is how good the 3D is, as it is declared for 3D professionals and enthusiasts. Looking at the above screen shot photo, you can see the 3D as well even on this 2D photo, which was shot under normal room light condition by a single lens camera of my Huawei smartphone. You wouldnt see any of such depth of the bird beak

on a 2D monitor. Meanwhile, the color and brightness are just brilliant.

Sitting in front of the monitor about 100 cm away, the eye tracking sensors easily find you and track your movement. Once you move your head, the display image will be adjusting accordingly to give always the best 3D watching angle. According to the engineers, the eye tracking and imaging algorithm are based on AI deep learning to manipulate the relative 3D maps in a fast and accurate way. The viewer in front wouldnt find any hint of the image adjustment, because he is always at the best 3D watching angle. But if there is someone aside, he would see the images are adjusting by following movements of the viewers head.

How is the 3D effect! Sitting in front of the monitor, watching a 3D movie, I have to say i did not see any ghost image, no crosstalk neither, the 3D images are just as pure as watching with wearing glasses in the cinema. A better feeling is about the brightness, because there is no light deduction caused by 3D glasses. The 3D images are so brilliant and charming, sharp and clear.

How do you say there is no ghost image, no crosstalk on the 3D display? Right! Let me say in this way. On each 3D movie, there must be some scenes show the utmost 3D depth, with maximum pop out, medium range field, far back field, so that to deliver the utmost visual impact to the viewers. So, play a 3D movie on the monitor, during the playback, pause it at the scene of utmost 3D depth, to see carefully the still picture of maximum pop out, far back field, left edge and right edge. If you do see anywhere double images, then it is ghost image or crosstalk. If you do not see anywhere with double images, there is no crosstalk or ghost image.

The COVID 19 pandemic forces us to stay more time at home. This situation helps the streaming service growing faster. Consumers are happy with more options for home entertainment. Anyway the 3D entertainment would have its position. It was not possible before for a glasses free 3D home theater, but it is possible now with the new glasses free 3D monitor.

VR has been more and more popular in the recent years, because of its immersive feeling. But to wear on the goggle and being isolated from the environment are neither comfortable nor safe. This 3D monitor provides us an opportunity to enjoy VR content in an open space, still with very good immersive experience.

If you want to play 3D games, please be careful of the latency. The latency was tested by comparison to an ordinary 2D monitor. Shooting a running timer by a 3D video camera connected to a computer, image outputs parallel to both the 3D monitor and a 2D monitor as well. Result shows display time on the 2D monitor is 33ms ahead of the 3D monitor. For some games, if this latency is not a problem, it does provide a different experience than 2D games.

If you want to have more detailed info, or to have a trial, please contact You dont know how good it is unless you see it.

As an OEM supplier of glasses free 3D display, JS3D is not just for 3D monitor but also 3D smartphone, 3D tablet, 3D LED videowall as well.

(To be continued).

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