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How a glasses free 3D monitor helps you out?
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How a

glasses free 3D monitor

helps you out?

By: Zhou Fenghua

3D visualization has been a big job as for 3D animation, creation & designs. The challenge is how to instantly check out how the things and features created on a 2D monitor look like in real 3D.

A glasses free 3D monitor can help to solve the problem?

Answer is simply YES! But how?

JS3D’s glasses free 3D monitor, 28”, 4K resolution, as a secondary monitor, is to pre-view the 3D visualization instantly in real 3D, w/o standing-up, w/o wearing glasses.

How it works?

The monitor is designed for 3D professionals or enthusiasts to play SBS 3D content or 3D movie, as well as for 3D medical applications. It is a good tool to help pre-view the 3D effect during the 3D animation or creation.

1. For 3D animation works:

Thanks to the 3D artists for creation such wonderful features on the screen which may accompany us life time. Those 3D artists, creators, animators etc., have to create 3D features with depth by viewing a monitor without depth. They have to repeatedly to test and preview the real 3D effect on 3D TV’s by wearing glasses. Now the problem is solved with our professional glasses free 3D monitor. This monitor is to be installed as a 2ndery monitor for the 3D creator, so that to preview the 3D design or model as a real thing, without standing up without wearing glasses, just to turn little bit of his head. Amazing! Easy and fast!

2. For 3D design, 3D printing:

The same problem exists on the 3D printing, design and assembly. You cannot see depth of things to be created on a 2D monitor, unless you have a 3D monitor, so that to reach what you see what you get.

3. For 3D medical of dental and endoscope surgery:

The 3D medical application is mainly for endoscope surgery since it’s minimal invasion to the body, but wearing on glasses to watch the 3D TV is really a burden to the surgical doctors. The glasses free 3D monitor (32” 4K resolution) is truly released the burden of 3D glasses for the surgical doctors. It makes the operation work much more easier.

The 3D system for dental application also is available with a 15.6” monitor (4K), on which the visual distance is closer at 30 - 2000px. We call it “head up” system, that doctors would not need any more to deeply head down to stare at the mouth of patients, but head up to look at the screen for the operation.

The system is quite simple, which consists of 3D microscope lens to take 3D images, focal length is 25 - 1000px, and glasses free 3D monitor (with computer built-in), with eye tracking system. The latency tested is about 33 - 34ms.

4. For 3D movie playback:

The COVID 19 pandemic has been changing us a lot, in a long terms, specially for our daily life and routines. As for a good relax, it used to be cheerful to enjoy a 3D movie in the cinema with friends or family and getting together after busy work. But there are still a lot of barriers, first of all you have to know what is on-air, then select to buy a ticket, parking, being on time, wear-on glasses, dark screen etc. That is why the online streaming service is booming:

While the glasses free 3D monitor offers an opportunity for you to enjoy 3D movie with better experience online at home, in a private way, no matter an old movie or new movie available.

Note: is an only 3D streaming service platform, registered member in 2018 is 25 of millions.

5. VR version:

VR has been more and more popular in the recent years, because of it’s immersive feeling. But to wear on the goggle, and being isolated from the environment is neither comfortable nor safe. 3D monitor VR version is adjusted to specially fit the VR content, by pushing back the focal plain to the back of screen so that to display a wider and farther spatial field, so that it is possible to enjoy VR content in an easy and open environment, but still very good immersive experience.

How is the 3D quality?

3D is not a new technology, many companies had been involved, but very few are still in. JS3D concentrates on glasses free 3D technology and application since 2009, until now the technology is mature and master production process is ready. JS3D monitor is not the only one glasses free device till today, but it has no-crosstalk, no-ghost image, with super clarity, sharp and pure 3D images, experience the real cinema effect, real spatial and immersive effect.

Demonstration had been made in July 2019 in Hollywood at some famous 3D studios to the world top class 3D supervisors, the comment on it was just perfect, amazing and fabulous.

If you want to have more detailed info, or to have a trial, please contact You don’t know how good it is unless you make a trial.

As an OEM supplier of glasses free 3D display, JS3D is not just for 3D monitor but also 3D phone, 3D tablet, 3D LED videowall as well.

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