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How a single view glasses free 3D monitor helps you out?
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How a

single view glasses free 3D monitor

helps you out?


Single view 3D with eye tracking

Extremely high quality 3D image and ever maximum clarity, sharpness, with no cross talk, no ghost image

Realtime rendering delay<1/60 sec

1:1 3D depth and pop out

View distance as close as to 0.60m

Support 4K content

Multi-view 3D technology is to give better 3D view angle for group watching, while there is no other choices but to sacrifice the 3D image quality and 3D depth (pop out) in order to expand the watch angle. Single view 3D technology delivers the best 3D image quality and 1:1 3D depth (pop out) as per the original files, it reaches the same quality as to the one with glasses. However, single view 3D has only limited view angle allows only one person to view and easily lose the angle at slightly head moving. With eye tracking technology, it detects the eyes of the viewer and adjusts the view angle accordingly, delivers always the best view angle at the best quality 3D images to the viewer, no matter the viewer’s head slightly moving. Single view 3D with eye tracking, the ever best 3D visual experience is available for you.

We hope that the launching of our single view glasses free 3D monitor, will help you out in many ways of glasses free 3D display and applications.

3D/AR Game

3D game based on Unity can be played at glasses free 3D, via HDMI from computer or Playstation etc. It is an extremely better visual experience with excitement once you get a third dimension in the game, something like Race Car or Riding, that you feel like real than ever before.

3D movie/AR content

From computer, Bluray DVD player, or USB etc., you can enjoy your favourable 3D movie at extremely high quality 3D image with pure clarity and stunning sharpness. You are always having the best 3D image quality no matter of slightly movement of your head, because the eye tracking system detects you and delivers always the ever best 3D images to you. This is your private Imax theater at home, without buckle of glasses.

Medical operation guide monitoring and display

With realtime rendering (delay<1/60 sec) and 1:1 3D depth and pop out display, it is possible to display for the dual camera endoscope guided operation, which will help the doctor with easier and better operation treatment to the patients.

3D educational program with interactive

Numerous 3D educational programs help the student better in their study, this single view glasses free 3D monitor with intelligent interactive gesture control and light pen control, opens a new world for the students to expand their imagination.

3D movie preview and editing

3D movies are dominating the market, while it is quite a headache for movie makers and visual effecters to feel the real 3D effect during cutting and editing. This single view glasses free 3D monitor is the right one to fulfill this job.

3D aero pilot training and practicing

Flat monitor can never show real flying space in the sky during training program, while with this 3D monitor, at 1:1 depth and pop out, the pilot can feel the real flying environment in the sky.


This Single View 3D Monitor 28” (32”), with eye tracking system, extremely emphasis the 3D image quality, reaches the ever high level of 3D image clarity and sharpness, with no blurry, no crosstalk, no ghost image.

Technical data:

Product name

Single view glasses free 3D monitor

Screen size

28” or 32” optional

No of views

Single view

Eye tracking

High accurate eye tracking sensor with dynamic XYZ viewing optimism


Gesture control, light pen control

3D game

Based on Unity 3D

3D movie format

Side by side, up and down, frame sealed etc



Input source

USB, Computer, Bluray DVD, Playstation etc.

Best view distance

0.60 - 1.10m

4K content


Rendering delay

<1/60 sec.

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