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28'' 3D Monitor Pro :

Glasses Free 3D Monitor 28 With Eye Tracking

For professionals and enthusiasts

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ProMa glasses free 3D monitor 28”, native resolution at 4K, 3840x2160, with eye tracking system! It is perfect for a 3D home theater.

How it works?

This monitor is designed for 3D professionals or enthusiasts to play SBS 3D content or 3D movie, VR contents. It is also good for a 3D animator or designer, to use this monitor to preview 3D effect instantly in glasses free 3D. The input file is side by side 3D from computer via HDMI. There are hot keys “CTRL+ALT+M” to switch 2D and 3D easily. 3D imaging manipulation system is done by FPGA on the monitor, the eye tracking drivers must be installed in the computer.

How is it?

How good the 3D is? You do not know unless you see it. Looking at the above screen shot photo, it was shot under normal room light condition by a single lens camera of Huawei smartphone. You can see the stunning 3D effect with such depth of the bird beak. Meanwhile, the color and brightness are just brilliant.

Best view distance is about 100 cm. The eye tracking sensors easily find the viewer and track his/her movements. The eye tracking and imaging algorithm are based on AI deep learning to manipulate the relative 3D maps in a fast and accurate way. The viewer in front wouldn’t find any hint of the image adjustment, because he/she is always at the best 3D watching angle.

No ghost image, no crosstalk, the 3D images are just as pure as watching with wearing 3D glasses in the cinema. A better feeling is about the brightness, because there is no light deduction caused by 3D glasses. The 3D images are so brilliant and charming, sharp and clear.

For VR display:

To wear on the goggle and being isolated from the environment are neither comfortable nor safe. This 3D monitor allows you to enjoy VR content in an open space, still with very good immersive experience.

For 3D game:

If you want to play 3D games, please be careful of the latency. Many of screen manufacturers declare the latency 8ms, but actually it is the LCD display response time. For a user, the latency means the system delay time. The actual latency was tested by comparison to an ordinary 2D monitor. Shooting a running timer by a 3D video camera, image outputs parallel to the 3D monitor and a 2D monitor. Result shows display time on the 2D monitor is 33ms ahead of the 3D monitor. For some 3D games, if this latency is not a problem, it does provide a different experience than 2D games.

Customer Comment / Feedback:


Product Model


Display Type


Display Resolution

3840 x 2160

Contrast Ratio




Aspect Ratio


Color Gamut

72% NTSC



Viewing Angle


Video Input


Audio Output

5W x 2

Glasses-free 3D Specifications

3D Viewing Distance

Support 0.6m1.3m

Support horizontal angle 42°

Smart 2D/3D Switching

1. Support smart 2D/3D switching

2. Auto switch into 2D if no viewer detected in the range

3. Auto switch into 3D if viewer is detected in the range

3D Effect

1. Using mature eye tracking glasses free 3D display technology

2. Strong and realistic 3D effect in the tracking range

3. Pure and clarity 3D effect, no crosstalk, no ghosting, no jitters and no other issues

Tracking Method

1. RGB image combined with depth map for accurate binocular tracking

2. Embedded Intel real sense camera

3. High tracking stability and good real-time performance

4. Tracking recognition response time is short

5. Leading image filtering algorithm

6. Fast and accurate tracking

3D Processing

Using self-designed 3D image processor FPGA, no image delay

Raster Technology

Lenticular lens

Signal Source

Support 4K@60Hz signal source input, ultra-high-definition picture quality

3D Video Format

Support side by side 3D

2DVideo Format

Support common 2D video format

Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage

AC100V - 240V (50Hz-60Hz)

Power Consumption


Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity

20%90%, No Condensation

Storage Temperature


Storage Humidity

10%90%, No Condensation

Physical Specifications


(without stand)

669(W) * 405(H)* 62(D)mm


(without stand)

17 KG


wall mounted, floor stand



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