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3D Videowall LED :

Glasses Free 3D Videowall Indoor LED


Main Features:

1. Adopt the patented technology of super multi-viewpoint/dense-viewpoint naked eye 3D display with 32 viewpoints.

2. High-precision depth calculation technology and large-scale dense viewpoint rendering technology, support general 3D content formats such as 3D left and right video, Blu-ray 3D video disc, 3D broadcast TV signal, etc.

3. Support 2D, 3D, 9 tile, 2D to 3D and other multi-format video playback; Support HDMI1.4a and above 2D to 3D automatic recognition and playback; 2D, 3D, side by side, 9 tile, 2D to 3D Multi-format video files are automatically recognized and played via USB.

4. Adopt self-developed "single-screen microscope" playback technology and supports various splicing playback methods such as single-screen full-screen playback, splicing screen full-screen playback, and even special-shaped playback (customization required); 2D/3D seamlessly compatible playback.

5. Full 3840x2160@60Hz data processing, smooth and clear motion picture quality; support HDMI external 3840x2160@60Hz video signal source input, support USB 3840x2160@60Hz video file playback.

6. Support HDMI remote control switch play mode; Support host computer video file automatically recognize and play; Support wired networking control based on TCP/IP protocol.

7. It can be used for traditional 2D splicing screens to provide better picture quality and seam compensation.


LED Parameters

Pixel structure

SMD 3-in-1 LED

Pixel pitch


Module resolution (W*H)

192 * 108 mm

Module size (W*H)


Module weight (KG)


Unit module composition 2*2


Unit resolution (W*H)


Unit size (mm)


Unit area (m2)


Pixel densitypixel/m2


Flatness of box body (mm)


Contrast ratio


Number of stitching

Support customer customization

Glasses Free 3D Parameters

Best viewing distance

3D(depends on the screen size), 2D (unlimited)

Maximum distance from screen

≥1.5m(The specific distance depends on the stitching size)

Viewing angle

160°(horizontal), 140°(vertical)

Stereo effect

Strong 3D effect

3D technology


Number of viewpoints


3D video format

Support frame packing, top-bottom,SBS, 9 tile(9 frames)

2D video format

Support common 2D video formats

2D to 3D function

2D video converted to 3D video automatically

PC Server Parameters

Operation system

Genuine Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit


Intel 8th Generation Core i3-8100 processor

(4 core/6MB/4T/3.6GHz/65W)




256GB High-speed solid state drive

Input interface type



3.5mm audio interface reserved for external speakers

Media format

1. Support MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, H.264, WMV, MKV, TS, flv

2. Support MP3 audio format

3. Support JPGJPEGBMPPNG image format

Decoding resolution

Support 4K*2K@60Hz

Controller (box) Parameters

Network interface

RJ45 network cable interface (multiple)

Video interface

HDMI2.0 input 3

HDMI2.0 output 1

Software Parameters

System control software

1. Support auto start

2. Support system automatic configuration

3. Support anomaly detection and prompt

4. Support display mode global hotkey

5. Wired networking control based on TCP/IP protocol

Player software

1. Support MP4, MKV, AVI, MPEG and other common video file formats

2. Automatically recognize 2D format, SBS 3D format, multi-picture 3D format

3. Support playlist loop playback and sequential playback

4. Support auto play video after boot

Accessory Parameter

Signal cable

HDMI2.0 HD video cable, RJ45 network cable

Wireless mouse, keyboard

1 set

Remote control

1 pcs


1 pair、5w

Electrical Parameters

Input voltage

AC100V - 240V(50Hz-60Hz)

Maximum power of splicing unit

140W/unit; 700W/

Average power of splicing unit

48W/unit; 240W/

Maximum power of PC server


Standby power of PC server


Maximum power of controller (BOX)


Working temperature


Working humidity

10%80%, No condensation

Storage temperature


Storage humidity

10%80%, No condensation


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