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28'' 3D Monitor Interactive :

Single View Glasses Free 3D Monitor 28'' (VR Interactive)

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Single view 3D with eye tracking

Extremely high quality 3D image and ever maximum clarity, sharpness, with no cross talk, no ghost image

Realtime rendering delay<33 ms

1:1 3D depth and pop out

View distance as close as to 0.60m

Support 4K content

Multi-view 3D technology is to give better 3D view angle for group watching, while there is no other choices but to sacrifice the 3D image quality and 3D depth (pop out) in order to expand the watch angle. Single view 3D technology delivers the best 3D image quality and 1:1 3D depth (pop out) as per the original files, it reaches the same quality as to the one with glasses. However, single view 3D has only limited view angle allows only one person to view and easily lose the angle at slightly head moving. With eye tracking technology, it detects the eyes of the viewer and adjusts the view angle accordingly, delivers always the best view angle at the best quality 3D images to the viewer, no matter the viewer’s head slightly moving. Single view 3D with eye tracking, the ever best 3D visual experience is available for you.

We hope that the launching of our single view glasses free 3D monitor, will help you out in many ways of glasses free 3D display and applications.

3D/AR Game

3D game based on Unity can be played at glasses free 3D, via HDMI from computer or Playstation etc. It is an extremely better visual experience with excitement once you get a third dimension in the game, something like Race Car or Riding, that you feel like real than ever before.

3D movie/AR content

From computer, Bluray DVD player, or USB etc., you can enjoy your favourable 3D movie at extremely high quality 3D image with pure clarity and stunning sharpness. You are always having the best 3D image quality no matter of slightly movement of your head, because the eye tracking system detects you and delivers always the ever best 3D images to you. This is your private Imax theater at home, without buckle of glasses.

Product Introduction

This product integrates spatial interaction functions based on the company's 28’’ glasses free 3D monitor, and supports 6-DOF interactive pens. Through the SDK, Unity applications, the users can experience interactive operations by using the interactive pen.

Main Specifications



LCD Screen Parameters

Effective Screen Size

648.9 (H)*369.3 (V) mm

Screen Resolution

3840 * 2160

Pixel Pitch

0.16 (H)*0.16 (V) mm


1000:1 (typical)


300cd/m2 (typical)

Screen Ratio




Color Gamut

72% NTSC



Viewing Angle

170° (H),160° (V) (typical)

Glasses Free 3D Parameters

3D Viewing Distance

Support 0.6m1.3m (best 0.9m1.1m)

Support horizontal angle 42°

Smart 2D/3D Switching

1. Support smart 2D/3D switching

2. Auto switch into 2D if no viewer detected in the range

3. Auto switch into 3D if viewer is detected in the range

3D Effect

1. Using mature eye tracking glasses free 3D display technology

2. Strong and realistic 3D effect in the tracking range

3. Pure and clarity 3D effect, no crosstalk, no ghosting, no jitters and no other issues

Tracking Method

1. RGB image combined with depth map for accurate binocular tracking

2. Embedded Intel real sense camera

3. High tracking stability and good real-time performance

4. Tracking recognition response time is short

5. Leading image filtering algorithm

6. Fast and accurate tracking when moving, stable image without shaking

3D Processing

Using self-designed 3D image processor FPGA, no image delay

Raster Technology

Lenticular lens

Signal Source

Support 4K@60Hz signal source input, ultra-high-definition picture quality

3D Video Format

Support side by side 3D

2DVideo Format

Support common 2D video format

Interactive Pen Parameters


Length 168.8mm

Diameter 17.15(Max)

Spatial Freedom


Spatial Accuracy

+/- 2mm

Use Range

Width 1000-2500mm

Height 630-1800mm

Depth 250-1350mm

Number of Keys




Infrared Camera

Resolution 1080P@30Hz

Interface Parameters

HDMI Input

HDMI(*2),Support HDMI 2.0, Support 4K@60Hz signal

DP Input

DP(*2),Support DP1.1 and DP1.2, support 4K@60Hz signal

Electrical Parameters

Input Voltage

AC 100 - 240V

Frequency Range


Maximum Power


Standby Power


Operating Temperature


Working Humidity

20%90%No condensation

Store Temperature


Store Humidity

10%90%No condensation

Physical Parameter

Size (without base)

670.3 (W) * 420.6(H) * 57.0(D)mm

Weight (without base)

Installation Method

100*100mm VESA

Display Dimensions


Real time 3D converter software Zview which turns your 3D models into real 3D from scratch for what you are designing, display on the monitor (2ndery monitor to your computer).




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