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6.53" - Smartphone B02 with 3D Camera (HOT) :

Glasses Free 3D Smartphone 6.53" B02 with 3D Camera

- Ready for OEM

Product High Lights:

1. 3D Camera

The world unique technology that dual 3D cameras shoot 3D photos and videos, with real time instant 3D re- view.

The 3D effect for photo and video are totally upgraded into ever high level!

2. 3D Display

The new phone applies new 3D structure and lamination, in result of the most comfortable 3D watching, completely eliminting ghost image.

New 3D player software to assure the ever best 3D effect, with higher clarity and better comfortability. New online 3D functions for more and fresh 3D content.

3. Top Level Configuration

- OS Android 10.0
2.0GHz, 8-core

- Dual 3D Cameras

- RAM 8G/ROM 256G
- 128G ext.

- Battery 3950mAh

- Screen 1080*2340FHD+

- Highest Quality; Top Design


Real Shot Pictures:


Smartphone B02 6.53 inch Speci 20210316.pdf

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