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There is nowhere without screens in the future and 3D will change our world in visual display industry and life. Join with us earlier in the 3D, and be a better position in the future competition.

We are living in a world of information explosion. New and strange things are coming up endlessly. We are sunk and got lost in the information flood and found no direction.

Screen displays are everywhere, they look like they should be, as familiar to us as our shadow, nothing special, people has no interests to see, so what is the purpose to those screens Many new things and products are disappeared even before people pay attention to them.

Where is the hope of our success? How to grab the attention from the general public? How to make your company and/or product information jump out of the information flood?

Corporate Identity refers to the external personality; image or traits illustrated by a corporation and is represented by a logo, graphic image, text or picture. The idea of Corporate Identity integrates the look and feel of designs, communications and thoughts that correspond to a corporation's spirit and behavior. Companies of all sizes invest a great deal of time and energy in their corporate identities, for as it represents the persona of a corporation and influences the way people think about a particular organization.

So if a picture is worth 1000 words and tells the story of your brand with a single image, then what it worth when your brand is in 3D?

There is no doubt that 3D can add much more value to your company and the easiest place to begin is by incorporating 3D into your Corporate Identity or Brand Strategy.

That comes the way of the auto stereoscopic 3D display (ASD): 3D digital signage (advertisement player) solution, the way towards success by grabbing the attention!

Comparison: ad commercial 2D via 3D

20% via 90%:

Investigation shows that ad commercial in glasses free 3D video displayed draws attention of 90% of pass-byers stop and watching because of its very special effects in 3D, pop out, images floating out of the screen etc, while 2D video draws about 20% of pass-byers with only a glance, none stops.


Ad commercial display is for the people to remember. But, statistics show that 75% of the information people have seen would be lost in 5mins, unless their sight and brain are very strongly stimulated. Glasses free 3D display is the one to give strong stimulation to people's sight and brain by its image depth, pop out, and special effects, so people will remember what is the display. 3D display is 56% more remembered than in 2D display.


In terms of grabbing intention, keeping more memory with the viewers, 3D plays better and more correct role in the advertisement industry. By comparison to the result, 3D digital signage solution is small investment with big output, although the unit price seems much higher than 2D player. So, more than 40% more of advertisers prefer to have 3D advertisement than 2D, in order to have better advertisement effect.

By above 3 factors, 3D digital signage advertising effects is about 10 times that of 2D!

Applications of 3D digital signage

3D advertisement in public areas

Exhibition and display

Exclusive shops and chain shops

Car road show and 4S shops

It probably is the best time to promote and spread the company image as well as its spirit during the exhibition, car road show, at exclusive counters, chain shops, as well as company promotional activities.

But the current situation is: there is very few visitors pay attention to the video clips which is showing on screen since it is nothing special, no attraction, no matter how much money and efforts have been spent in making this film.

While to play it in 3D, things will be totally different. The strong depth and pop out effect in the video will grab the attention immediately and keep it deeply in the memory of viewers. So the solution is to apply the world leading display technology --- glasses free 3D display, to play the film.

By very small investment in 3D player, the video display effect will be very much more improved, and precious company film will make its real value or much more.

3D gaming, medical imaging, monitoring

By adding a small plug in software in the computer, 3D game becomes glasses free 3D. Players will enjoy the game in 3D without glasses, a new enjoyable experience. Glasses free 3D gaming machine will open a new era and set new standard of this industry.

Glasses free 3D display has made application in the medical imaging; it is definitely helpful to the doctors and patients for the correct understanding of deceases and damages, eventually to help the diagnose, as well as to guide a micro surgery. It is really a headache for those patients to watch and find the problem from their CT or MR scanned images etc. While with the 3D display system, the scanned images are rebuilt into 3D models and displayed on the glasses free 3D screen, the patients will see immediately where the problems are. Glasses free 3D will play more and more important role in the future medical imaging and security monitoring. Security monitoring will be no more flat images, but 3D with depth, to help the judgment of distance!

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