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JS Digitech (Shanghai) Co Ltd, a member of ISA-International Sign Association in USA, is a world leading company dedicated in glasses free 3D display solutions. The company was founded in 2008 by experienced imaging and display experts, who have been working on 3D for more than 20 years. The company is to develop latest technology in glasses free 3D display, such as glasses free 3D smartphone, tablet, and digital signage, 3D smart TV, 3D monitor, etc.

As an international enterprises, JSDigitech is working not only by its own force, but with strong team of companies specialized in 3D image processing and 3D conversion technology from USA and European countries. Our mission is to display the world in real 3D, and make contribution to the visual display revolution of 3D!

Believe or not, analysts say the 3D display is the final goal of our display, because it is the only way to re-play from what we have seen by our both eyes. Images and videos without depth will be old fashion like CRT, B/W before, while 3D display is the future and next generation.

Modern Production Facilities and Major Products

Production line of glasses free 3D digital signage series, production area is more than 10,000sqms, with production capacity of more than 100, 000 sets per year.

The factory is located in Sanyang 3D High Tech Park, in Hebi City, Henan Prov., PRC, and it serves as the next major growth point of JSDigitech (Group).

Patent Certificates

(Above listed are some of the company owned patent certificates related to 3D technology and products, including 3D smartphone as well as 3D materials.)

CE Certificates, RoHS, MSDS, EMC, LVD

(Above listed are some of the company owned product CE/RoHS/MSDS/EMC/LVD certificates related to the 3D products.)

The products are designed and manufactured as per international standard, and are tested and certified by the authorized testing houses under European standard.

Major Products

As a professional 3D technology company, JSDigitech is committed to promote the 3D display technology and better display experience to the viewers. OEM buyers and partners are mostly welcome for any dedicated model or configuration of smartphone, tablet, as well as 3D smart TV and monitors etc.

Glasses Free 3D Smartphone Series: OEM/ODM

The glasses free 3D smartphone is going up on the market. Thanks to the latest 3D new materials and new process applied to the latest model F33, in resulting of the image quality so nice and fascinating, comfortable and easy to watch. Every viewer is giving WOW, WOW! And then telling that, I like this! Glasses free 3D smartphone is becoming the next black technology with the future display experience in the coming years.

Plenty and more and more of 3D platform app‘s are coming up and available all over the world, www.3dcrave.com, www.3doo.com, www.latv3d.net etc., in order to supply enough 3D movies and contents to the market, the 3D ecology and environment are just completing.

The estimated market for glasses free 3D smartphone in 2021, by IT analysts, will be upto 280 million units or valued 83 Billion USD, we are ready to welcome and grab this huge blue sea market, how about you?

Glasses Free 3D Tablet 10.1''(FHD), 8.4'' (2K)

These two models of glasses free 3D tablet, showed definitely how good the 3D can be. 10.1 applies the latest 3D technology of electronic parallel barrier, which delivers the most pure and crystal sharp 3D images, fascinating and enjoyable. The 8.4 is the world best resolution of 2560x1600 (2K) at its size, supports 4K content. It delivers the finest 3D image and best POP out image, to let the user enjoy the IMAX experience at his hands.

Glasses Free 3D Digital Signage (Advertisement Player)

Completely upgraded to UHD series, size at 28", 50", 55", 65", 85", as well as 3D video wall,those are the great choices for the advertisers to capture the eye balls and attention of general public and get them remember what they have seen the shocking 3D images in the content, never forget.

VR, AR are other hot technologies in the recent years, while 3D as more and better developed technology has a good opportunity to combine VR, AR. If so, then the users, viewers have a chance to threw away the ugly and heavy helmet. JSDigitech has developed new models based on glasses free 3D display and AR, interactive gaming machines, which will lead the advertise industry into 4.0 time.

Glasses Free 3D Display Has More Applications

JSDigitech has developed solutions for medical application in medical image 3D model re-build and display, to help the doctor for better diagnose. Other application can be also in-flight 3D entertainment system, gaming and leisure industry with glasses free 3D display.....

JSDigitech also owns graphic studio and school in digital imaging, specialized in 3D content creation and conversion, to provide the best service to its customers.

Sincerely Welcome Cooperation

Welcome to work with JSDigitech, worldwide supplier of glasses free 3D display. We would like to provide our best service and products in a long term, by our sincerity, professional knowledge and experience in 3D display, imaging, technology, exportation, and logistics……

We take care of our customer's benefits and needs.

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